Women and Children Rights Advocacy Project


KCSON received a grant from Independent Development Fund (IDF) to implement a project titled "Women and Children Rights Advocacy Project" in Kibaale District for 2 years (2012-2013)

The project aims at empowering local leaders, rural households, and entire community to safe guard, practice human rights principles, restore the dignity and promote the rights of women and children in Kibaale district. The project also aims at empowering women and children to seek, demand, internalize and practice human rights principles for sustainable growth and development.

This project targets women, children, households, local leaders, communities and the authorities responsible of safe guarding and promoting human rights. These include schools, NGOs/CBOs, communities, and Government departments that safe guard, promote and protect the rights of women and children.

Why the project?

KCSON and its member organisations as well as other players (including the LG) have engaged with the community of Kibaale District through various interventions such as; public hearings, dialogue meetings, community mobilization meetings, call in radio talk shows, engagements. In all these, Human Rights abuse especially women and child abuse has been evident.

Kibaale District Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has reported increasing numbers of abuse related cases since 2008, such have included; battering women by their husbands and domestic violence in general, child neglect and abuse, defilement and rape and sex harassment by teachers and relatives, property grabbing from children and women.

Project implementation areas;

Implementation methodology

There are community contact persons for the project. These four volunteers include Kiiza Federesi (Mugarama), Ssenyonga John (Bwanswa), Kyaligonza Winnie (Mabaale) and Aisha Namirimu (Bwikara).

KCSON also works with its member organisations especially Rural Health Education and Mobilisation for Development (RHEMD),Integrated Health and Development Organisation ( IHADO), Uganda Women’s and Orphans support Development Programme (WOPH’S Care), Rural People in Action for Development (RUPAD) & World Voices Uganda (WVU) as partners in the implementation of WCRAP.

Project delivery areas

Challenges faced during project implementation

Best Practices and Lessons learnt

Way forward