Mwanachi Project

This is an accountability monitoring initiative that is implemented in two sub counties of Matale and Kagdi in three parishes through the Community Driven Development Programme (CDD).

Project Purpose Statement: a Community that is actively participating and monitoring public expenditure with key emphasis on the CDD programme for maximum benefits.

About the project

Past public (Government) programmes such as NAADS have experienced challenges in form of not reaching the intended beneficiaries due to corrupt government structures. This can be exemplified by a case of a Kibaale District Official that was arrested and detained for embezzlement of NAADS funds, published by Monitor News paper Monday 31st May.

Lack of awareness amongst the communities has worsened the problem whereby these communities cannot meaningfully engage duty bearers to demand for accountability. CDD is another Government programme that presents a risk of being mishandled by the a few officials of Government mostly due to lack of community awareness.

The project is intended to deepen community organization through strengthening interface between communities and Local Governments under the CDD programme.

It will also empower communities to initiate and own their development and enhance downward accountability processes between Local Governments and Communities by meaningfully redirecting resources to their own management, and deepen decentralization in this country by fostering & nurturing capacity of communities to contribute to and demand accountability.

The major activities include: