Major Projects implemented by KCSON within the last 5-6 years

From August 2005 to December 2006, KCSON implemented a Support to District Partnership (SDP) Programme with Financial support from Irish Aid/ Embassy of Ireland formally called Development Cooperation Ireland equivalent to 96,740,452/= Uganda shillings. Other funds were from Membership and subscription fees, secretarial services. Achievements were; setting a Secretariat with staff , development of standard Policies of Human Resources, Finance , procurement and HIV/AIDS work place policies, setting up a database for al CSOs operating in Kibaale district, capacity building trainings held.

From October 2006 to September 2007, KCSON has been implementing an orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) partnership project with six sub-sub grantees in Kibaale district with financial support from CORE Initiative/ CARE International- Uganda, USAID and MGLSD equivalent to 250,393,150/= Uganda shillings. We managed to reach out to over 4,500 OVC with direct support and over 1.300 caregivers in eight sub counties of the District.

The Network is also implementing a Support to District Network project with Financial support from DANIDA-HUGGO Equivalent to 200,000,000/= for a period of January 2007 to December 2010 (Now extended to June 2011). It is coordinated by National District Network Support Programme (NDNSP) housed at National NGO Forum. This has helped the network to understand better its identity, the role of member organisations in the network, Influencing of government policies through government programmes, Support to Core operational costs and backstopping of member organisation in organisational development and governance activities and monitoring and coordination of CSOs activities to avoid duplication of services. The Network is represented on the internal assessment team for LGDP programme at districts level.

From March 2007 t0 February 2010, KCSON implemented a Tribal Conflict Management and Peace building in Kibaale District with Financial support from Irish Aid/ Embassy of Ireland Equivalent to 117,797,420= Uganda shillings. An umber of achievements have been registered under this project to include; Dialogue meetings at District level where action plans have been drawn, general community mobilization for peace and Peace committees have been formed to handle various conflicts t the local level with emphasis on the traditional mechanism of resolving conflicts. Other activities carried out include formation of 48 peace clubs in schools as well as cultural gala performances with emphasis on different people appreciating each other's culture.

From Jan 2009 to Dec 2011 KCSON implemented a CSF OVC project (KCSON CSF/013/2009) titled "Empowering Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children with sustainable livelihoods in Kibaale District with total funding of UGX 396,692,392/= 660 OVC households with 2,023 OVC have been reached in 5 sub counties of the district. Support in Socio-economic security, Food security and Nutrition, psychosocial support, Care and Support, Child protection and Education has been offered through various activities. This project has been implemented by 4 member organisations.

August 2010- Dec 2012: KCSON with some of her member organisations is implementing a project titled "Promoting Rights and Responsibilities for the rural poor natural resource dependants in Kibaale District", with financial-245,552,500/= and technical support from CARE International in Uganda under the bigger REPA Programme. The overall programme goal is Poor natural resource dependant households achieve improved livelihoods and natural resources are conserved through equitable and sustainable management of natural resources while good governance impacting the use and management of natural resources and the livelihood of poor households is achieved with the effective participation of civil society and poor communities.
The goal of the project is; 'to enhance the rights and responsibilities of the rural poor for equitable resource benefits by the end of 2013', with the following specific objectives;

1. To increase awareness of at least 20 CSOs and 15,000 (9,000 females, 6,000males) people in 8 sub counties of Kibaale in citizen rights and responsibilities, environmental management, conflict, gender and HIV/AIDS sensitivity in development;
2. To advocate for policies and programmes that improve livelihoods of the poor natural resource dependant households; and
3. To build capacity of CSOs and other stake holders to promote the rights and responsibilities of the poor in relation resource utilization and benefits.

August 2010 to July 2011, KCSON with her member Organisations- BEDA and KIFO is implementing a Mwananchi project with financial support from Development Research and Training (13,793,000/=) under the Governance and Transparency Fund (GTF). Activities are implemented in two sub counties of Matale and Kagadi and are aimed at 'a Community that is actively participating in and monitoring public expenditure with key emphasis on the CDD programme for maximum benefits'.