Who can join?

Any registered CBO or NGO operating in Kibaale District working for social change or rural transformation.

Your NGO or CBO must have been started by individuals, a community or faith-based institution and must have a paid-up membership fee and subscription fee.

Application Form: 2,000USh

Membership Fee: 10,000USh

Annual Subscr.: 50,000USh

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Contact us:

Kibale District Civil Society Organizations Network (KCSON)

Paul Mulindwa (Programme Coordinator)
P.O. Box 80 Kagadi Kibaale District
Kagadi Town Council
Hoima Road opposite St. Luke COU, Kibale,

Tel: +256 751 059950 (office)
Mob: 772 930697

Email: address-kdcson@yahoo.co.uk or kcsonsecretariat@kcsonuganda.org

Kibale District Civil Society Organizations Network (KCSON)


A vibrant and coordinated civil society where development is obtained in a just and peaceful society.


Give a collective voice to civil society organizations through policy research, lobbying and advocacy and build the capacity of member organizations to effectively participate in the development of Kibaale District.


Registered With:

Member of:

Area of Work:

Kibaale District - Mid western Uganda 

Major areas of Work:

Number of full time Paid Staff

6 Paid staff at KCSON Secretariat

List of Member Organisations

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