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Fundraising Strategy: Please Donate Now!

1. About KCSON
2. Choosing a fundraising activity
3. Sending Your Donation to KCSON


Kibaale District civil society organisations' network (KCSON) started in March 2003 as a Network of all Local NGOs, CBOs, Associations and Organised groups operating in Kibaale District and registered legally with Ministry of Internal Affairs - National NGO Board and Kibaale District Local Government under registration no: S 5914/4597 and 031 respectively.

It is currently comprised of 80 member organizations which are widely spread over the whole of Kibaale district carrying out community development work that is in line with poverty eradication programmes.

Kibaale District is located in the mid-western part of Uganda. To the west it is bordered by Lake Albert, Hoima District in the north, Kiboga District to the east, and Mubende District to the south where as the South-west lies Kyenjojo, Kabarole and Bundibugyo Districts. The District covers a total area of approximately 4,400 sq. kms, of which 319 sq kms is covered by water bodies. Administratively Kibaale District is made up of five Counties of Buyaga East, Buyaga west, Bugangaizi east, Bugangaizi west, Buyanja. Bugangaizi west is the biggest with 1041.5 sq km while Buyaga East is the smallest with total land area of 769.5 sq km. The district has 35 LLGs (31 Sub Counties, 4 Town councils, 220 parishes, 5 town boards and 1642 villages. The HIV/AIDS prevalence is at 6.4 % compared to 6.2% nationally.

The district's development strategy is set out in its Five year development plan which is directly linked to the country's development strategy that is enshrined in the National Development Plan that runs up to 2015. The main intention of the NDP is to guide public action to development in Uganda with a vision of "a transformed Ugandan society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous country with in 30 years.

The Uganda National Vision 2040 is another aspiration for development intervention in the country as seeks to transform Uganda from a peasant country to a modern prosperous country.

KCSON's current strategic plan thus in light of the above country frame works seeks to contribute to development through creating a vibrant and well coordinated civil society in Kibaale District where development will be achieved in a just and peaceful society. Our key programme areas include: capacity building of civil society, advocacy &research, as well as conflict resolution. Our day to day work seeks to emphasize the above achievement areas.

We therefore call upon wellwishers and partners to support KCSON's cause. Funds raised through collections and events organised on our behalf are invaluable and provide much-needed funding for our development projects. If you are planning to organise a fundraising activity for KCSON this write up will provide you with some handy tips to help you get started. Our team of fundraisers are also on hand if you need any advice or materials to support your event.

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Choosing a fundraising activity

On a regular basis, you probably organise events without even noticing - outings with friends, birthday parties and family occasions. All of these events take thought and planning. By joining with a group of friends, you can turn any pastime or social pursuit into a successful fundraiser.

There are many kinds of fundraising activities to choose from:

Actual fundraising.

Give yourself plenty of time to plan. Work backwards from the date of your event and schedule deadlines for each step along the way. Leave some extra time for unforeseen happenings. If seeking sponsorship, contact everyone you hope will contribute before the event. Remember to thank everyone involved. We would appreciate if you could also thank all who participated and contributed on our behalf. Make sure that you tell everyone you know about your event and urge them to take part or give sponsorship. Think about the best way to do this - word of mouth, email, local papers/radio, parish news, posters.

Money Matters

If you are collecting money on the day, please ensure that it is collected and stored securely on our behalf.

Legal and Practical Requirements

While organising your event, please fundraise safely. Please keep children under the supervision of an adult. You may also need to check if your venue/event needs insurance.

If you plan to collect money in a public place, you must first obtain a permit from the authorities and let them know the full details of your collection. If you would like to collect on private property, e.g. outside a shopping centre, you will need to seek permission from the proprietor. Please let KCSON know of your plans in advance so that we can keep track of events and collections taking place around the country.

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Sending Your Donation to KCSON

If you have collected cash, we would be grateful if you could make a cheque of the same value payable to:


and send your cheque to

P.O BOX 80


Please let us know how you raised the money and send us your contact details, so that we can thank you. We would also love to see any photos or hear any stories you have to share about your event.

Thank you and good luck!

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